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Approaching a remodeling project with an independent architect and contractor can create several challenges. Most importantly, it puts the homeowner in the middle between the architect and contractor when they disagree, and leaves you with no one who is ultimately accountable.

Design Build Basement Remodel

A design + build process combines the design and construction experience into one team with one goal—to design and build a home that you’ll love. As a Design + Build Contractor, MainStreet becomes solely responsible for the successful completion of your remodeling project—guaranteed.

Especially in today’s busy lifestyle, you need someone who can guide you through a decision-making process that results in a functional living space that is just right for you.

At MainStreet Design Build, you will work with a certified designer who invests the time to learn how you live in your space—what works and what doesn’t. Using this information, she works closely with you to devise a functional layout of the room that best suits your needs. Then, the designer helps you layer the living space with “must have” items, which include lighting, places for storage, and what will be your focal point, etc. From design through construction, you can take comfort in working with a team of remodeling experts who handle every detail.

 “I couldn’t believe the suggestions they came up with that have made my life so much easier. I am right-handed, so the dishwasher was placed on the right side.  I now have a laundry sorter, plus there is a folding station so that everything can be sorted and folded before taking it upstairs.  Other perks included concealed outlets in the kitchen, a vacuum closet with shelves for our batteries and light bulbs; and lockers in the mudroom with french doors to conceal our jackets, backpacks and shoes.”

—A. Murray, Beverly Hills, MI

You also benefit from:

  • A budget that is controlled by the design + build contractor
  • A project that is closely scheduled, monitored and completed on time
  • Expert design and construction professionals who work collaborately together to deliver superior “value” to you as a homeowner
  • Process improvement efforts that ensure everyone is responsible for quality during all phases of the design/build process. At MainStreet, everyone is physically and emotionally invested in working towards theoretical ‘zero defect’ design and construction.