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Have Smaller Projects On Your To Do List?

Get Access to MainStreet Professionals!

Handyman Servicesexactly how many things in your Oakland County, Michigan home need to be restored, updated, installed, corrected or completed? Do you often find yourself wondering when you’ll be able to find the time to work on these unfinished projects? If this has been an ongoing battle that you would like to put an end to, let MainStreet Design Build help! We are here for you, and can help you by finishing those tasks that never seem to get done. We want you to be able to cross things off your list by using our hourly service plan for some of the smaller projects, or for some of the larger projects, simply choose to use our ‘blocks of hours’ plan, which can save you up to 25% off of our regular hourly rate!

One of the best parts about using MainStreet Design Build’s Handyman Program is the knowledge that you’ll be using one of the very best crews in the business, which is made up of a prized team of carpenters and handicraftsmen! Each and every specialist works solely in their  specific trade, making it  so that you have access to only the very finest when you choose to use MainStreet.

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Ask yourself the following question… Who do you want coming into your home? Do you want to take a chance and hire anyone to complete your home tasks? Or do you want to use trusted experts who will give you the top-quality work you’re looking for? Give yourself the gift of time by hiring our experienced professionals who can finish the household tasks you need done. Give us a call today at 248-644-6330! Or contact us now for additional information.

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